Conference MC

Emcee texts and filler sections are interspersed with telepathy and humor designed to suit audiences of over 500 people and, where appropriate, impersonations of famous singers. Having Guy Bracha emcee your conference will upgrade it from a run-of-the-mill event to a unique cocktail of professionalism, charm and humor. Read More

קוסם לבר מצווה, הפעלות לבת מצווה

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

For this once-in-a-lifetime event, best entrust an experienced professional with something as important as entertainment. Guy’s special show holds his audience’s attention throughout the evening. Guy gets close-up and personal with his one-on-one magic tricks, mind reading and telepathy, keeps the guests entertained!  Read More

אירועי קד

Sales Promotion Events

Sales promotions, exhibitions, product launches, conferences, team-building events and employee outings – any and all of these can be upgraded and made more unique with a visit from Guy the Magician. The purely commercial aspect of the proceedings, however enjoyable, is greatly enhanced by magic, mentalism and entertainment. Read More

רעיונות מקוריים והפעלה למסיבת רווקות בלתי נשכחת

Bachelorette Parties

A full two-hour program, including Guy’s unique mentalism and telepathy skills, for an entertaining, revealing and surprise-filled celebration. He will read the girls’ minds through body language and psychology, give live examples, guess the names of people who are not even in the room and even play a song that someone was only thinking of. Read More

מופעי טלפתיה

Mission: Possible! – Mentalism and Telepathy Show

An hour and a quarter of non-stop fun in an electrifying mentalist show! When was the last time you were really excited by an entertainment show? How long is it since you left an event not just with a smile on your face, but with a wide-eyed sense of wonder and asking: “How on earth did he do that??” Read More

House Parties and Birthdays

Rely on Guy to make sure this won’t be just another run-of-the-mill birthday party. Surprise your partner with Guy’s special brand of laughter and fun spiced with a top-class telepathy and mind-reading act. In addition to the “usual exploits” – which are anything but usual – of mind-reading and techniques borrowed from the world of psychology. Read More

קוסם למבוגרים

Guy’s cards acrobatics

10 בFebruary 2015

אומן חושים וטלפתיה

Guy and Naftali Bennett at the Ministry of Economy conference

10 בFebruary 2015

אירועי גיבוש לעובדים

Software company Sales promotion

10 בFebruary 2015

אמן חושים

Guy hypnosis process of suggestion

10 בFebruary 2015

ערבי חברה וגיבוש עובדים

From the show ” Mission: Possible! ” for Bank Leumi employees

10 בFebruary 2015

הפעלה מקורית לאירועי חברה

From the show ” Mission: Possible!” to employees of Ophir Tours

10 בFebruary 2015

Guy solves Rubik’s Cube

10 בFebruary 2015

הנחיית מסיבת פורים

From costume contest directive

10 בFebruary 2015

הפעלה מקורית למסיבות פורים

from bontour’s porim party

10 בFebruary 2015

גיא עם ציפי שביט

Guy and Tzipi Shavit Channel 24

10 בFebruary 2015

אמן חושים וטלפתיה - גיא מנחש

Guy playing Russian roulette blindfolded

10 בFebruary 2015

חברת אמדוקס בהופעה

Happy Amdocs employees Audience

9 בFebruary 2015

I swear i didn't know....Amazing, absolutely amazing.

Naftali Bennett, minister

He has always done great shows for both children and adults and I know his audiences have thoroughly enjoyed his performances. He has a very engaging personality and provides lots of fun and mystery. I would have no hesitation in strongly recommending his acts.

Joey Freudmann, OPHIR TOURS

He is hot, pretty and talented by all definition.

Tzipi Shavit, comedian and entertainer

Radwin is very grateful to Guy for his talent and ability and for entertaining us through our annual seminar, both in lectures and in the interim sections. He took the trouble to familiarize himself with every detail of our company, and the result was a highly professional performance. We were delighted to have him with us and that seminar was without a doubt one of our most successful in the past 5 years

Commercial Manager Americas, Radwin L.T.D.

I would like to thank you personally and on behalf of all Bon Tour employees for a delightful Purim event. For your emceeing, performance, singing – and of course the magic! You made a major contribution to the evening and you felt like “one of us”!

HR Manager, Bon Tour Transportation