Conference MC at Corporate Events:

Yet another feather in Guy Bracha’s cap is his experience as master of ceremonies at business conferences. This is no small undertaking for a serious professional or business event and involves more than most customers realize. From a pleasant, radiophonic voice speaking in correct and grammatical Hebrew, to an assured stage presence and the “click” of good chemistry with a large audience – personal charm and humor are thrown in at no extra cost! It’s amazing, that so many businesses at Corporate Events, request Guy Bracha to conference master of ceremonies or conference mc their business conferences.

Guy Bracha The Mentaliest has proven experience from many courses, seminars, professional conferences and various other corporate and business events. His unique style as conference master of ceremonies or conference mc, includes humor and charm and, after a preliminary meeting, he takes great care to tailor his performance to the client’s specific content and scheduling requirements.

Master of ceremonies texts and filler sections are interspersed with telepathy and humor designed to suit audiences of over 500 people and, where appropriate, impersonations of famous singers. Having Guy Bracha conference mc your business conference will upgrade it from a run-of-the-mill event to a unique cocktail of professionalism, charm and humor. Guests are guaranteed to enjoy even day-long events and – no less importantly – they are sure to come away smiling from such an enjoyable experience, talk about it for a long time to come and always link it to the host company.

Click on the Recommendations button above to see what satisfied customers say about Guy. The list includes global communications giant Radwin; Ophir Tours nationwide travel consortium; the Blue and White Israeli produce body; the Manufacturers Association; Bontour Advanced Transport Solutions; and many others.