Contributing to the Community

Ever since I became a professional magician – or more accurately, since I began appearing in public at the age of 11 – I always understood the  importance and value of the contributing to the community and helping those less fortunate than ourselves. Whenever possible, I try to lay on shows free of charge for children and adults with a variety of special needs. This is how I learned to communicate so well with mentally challenged children, those suffering from autism, psychiatric problems, the deaf and hearing-impaired and a large range of other conditions.

I have an especially strong connection with two particular groups: children with cancer and Holocaust survivors. Every visit to Schneider Children’s Hospital, Dana Children’s Hospital and the Amcha Holocaust Survivors Organization is such a rewarding experience. It gives me joy and satisfaction to bring a smile to the faces of both child and adult audiences – a classic illustration of receiving more than I give. I follow my belief in making a contribution to society and sharing my own blessings and skills with others.

One recent volunteer project was during Operation Protective Edge in July 2014 when – along with dozens of other well-intentioned artists – I performed many times for children in the south of Israel and near the Gaza border, who bore the brunt of the hostilities.