Mgician for Sales Promotion Events & Close-Up Magic at Guest Tables

At this kind of sales or promotional event, it is customary for the event magician to circulate among the tables and entertain guests within a relatively small radius. The resulting intimacy brings guests together and literally enables them to touch the magic.

For the business sector
Sales promotions, exhibitions and product launches or sales conferences and even team-building events and employee outings – any and all of these can be upgraded and made more unique with a visit from Guy the Magician. The purely commercial aspect of the proceedings, however enjoyable, is greatly enhanced by magic, mentalism and entertainment, perhaps with the added inclusion of any marketing message your company wishes to impart.

It usually takes only a single meeting (only occasionally more) with the Sales & Marketing Department for Guy to learn about the product and understand the company’s specific needs. From then on you can entrust the rest of the entertainment to him. He will take care to deliver the marketing message through magic tricks, interpersonal contact and, of course, lots of laughter – always an effective tool to ensure the message registers long term. Guy’s existing clientele already includes major companies such as Pelephone, Prigat, Toyota and many others.

For the private sector
This client group can encompass anything from weddings to a spouse’s birthday celebrations, from cocktail parties to large-scale outdoor events. Whatever the occasion, Guy is equally at home mingling among guests with his intriguing one-on-one tricks, whether with cards, coins, cellular phones, telekinesis (moving objects with his mind), telepathy, mind-reading or even making people levitate in mid-air! The most important thing is that guests will enjoy every minute of an unforgettable event, with not a single dull moment and laughter all the way.

Come to challenge your senses!