Mission: Possible! – Mentalism & Telepathy show for Corporate Events.

An hour and a quarter of non-stop fun and entertainment in an electrifying mentalism & telepathy show for Corporate Events.

When was the last time you were really excited by an entertainment show? Even if it’s not a mentalism & telepathy show.

How long is it since you left an event not just with a smile on your face, but with a wide-eyed sense of wonder and asking: “How on earth did he do that??”

After over a decade of performing before business and private sector audiences, Guy Bracha, mentalism and telepathy artist, is proud to present an all-new mentalist show, Mission: Possible! With the very best that the world of mentalism and telepathy have to offer, Guy “sees” words in closed books, transmits energies and sensations between people, reads minds and more… He will even play a song that someone was only humming silently in their head. Seeing is believing! And if that’s still not enough, how about a game of Russian roulette? Guy, blindfolded, risks his own hands with the sharpest of butcher’s knives. But why give away all the secrets here? Seeing is believing. His shows borrow techniques from the world of psychology, guided imagery and suggestion, all laced with lots of humor and personal charm. Every show is individually tailored and adapted to the specific type of audience and culture. No two shows are ever identical. Challenge all your senses in this unique show, and be sure it is unlike any other you ever experienced.

Expect the unexpected!

  • The show lasts about an hour and a quarter and is ideal for workers’ committee evenings and team-building events, conferences, seminars, house parties, landmark birthdays and more.
  •  Click on the Gallery button above to watch an excerpt from a “Mission: Possible!” show.
  •  Where necessary, the show includes stage décor and a professional amplification system.